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Star Wars Rey to the Rescue!

Lisa Stock, DK

Star Wars Rey to the Rescue!


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery

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32 reviews

In Star Wars™: Rey to the Rescue, young readers will follow the adventures of Rey, Finn and BB-8 as they fight against Kylo Ren. Join them in their fight against evil, as well as taking a close look at Rey's fighting and piloting skills. DK Level 2 Readers are designed for taking the next step in gaining reading confidence. Easy to read stories include longer sentences and increased vocabulary. The simple index shows your child more about the world of Star Wars and information boxes support the story as they explore Rey's home planet of Jakku. Continue the reading adventure with DK Reader Star Wars Rey to the Rescue! © & TM 2016 LUCASFILM LTD.



It's really good because I like Star Wars. I like the quiz at the end. Beware: there are spoilers!

Pilot Muscles Casserole 04.08.2023


This was my favourite because I like Star Wars

Doctor Rapper Jamboree 15.09.2022


I liked it very much! It was filled with lots of action and lightsabers!

Count Augustus Moonbeam 31.08.2022


I did not enjoy this book.

Chief Grip Bertrand 23.08.2022


I would not recommend this to someone else.

Master Sketch Archway 25.07.2022


It was a outstanding book .

Anonymous 19.08.2021


This was the best bk ever, I want to read it again! It is all about Rey from Star Wars and things like where she lives, how she survives and how she fights.

Prince Grip Ketchup 03.08.2021


I liked the part where it said Kylo-Ren and Rey had a lightsaber duel. I would recommend this to someone who likes Star Wars

Marshal Dragon Slingshot 30.07.2021


Lots of facts about Rey but a bit too easy for me. I hope they make a more challenging version with more information!

Dona Pixie Legend 12.01.2021


It was interesting because Rey found out tat the millennium falcon belonged to Han Solo.

Lord Pug Ketchup 30.08.2020


The book was very good. Rey was on both the good side and bad side which sometimes is a good thing. I liked that she was kind and fixed BB8's antennae.

Mademoiselle Wanda Rubber-duck 28.08.2020


My favourite character in Star Wars is Rey.

Duchess Aphrodite Squirrel 22.08.2020


Rey save Finn and BB-8. Rey live on Jakku, she is dreaming of her lost family. Jakku is a planet and a hot desert. Kylo Ren is an evil and he can read rase mind. If Finn touch the lava Ray have to think fast. They are trying to get out of Jakky At-At. At-At is a spaceship which Ray fix. I like Rey because she can protect people, like if I am close to bad gays she can safe me with thre quaterstaff and The Force. She is look friendly and she is fiting with the bad gays. She have a sack with tools she is fixing At-At with them. She has a quaterstaff on her back it is sword and she can protect the good people with self -defence. She is wearing dark googles and tough hard gloves, because she protect herself from wind and hot.

Count Race-car Luther 12.08.2020


I liked reading; "Rey to the rescue!" It said all the facts about her.

Queen Iguana Bumblebee 11.08.2020


Quite good

Major Trigger Frozen-Peas 21.08.2019


Fun Star Wars facts about ships and people

Corporal Mars Tinkle 17.08.2019


I like all stories about star wars and have started reading the books as well.

Corporal Carnaby Teacup 05.08.2019


First I liked how amazing it was to see all the different parts and i liked how to explore

Coach Muscles Costa-Rica 15.07.2019


i love anything to do with star wars one of my favorite books

King Raccoon Pendragon 28.08.2018


I liked the book a lot because it told us a lot about Rey.

Captain Augustus Aardvark 27.08.2018