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The Railway Children

E. Nesbit

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5 out 5

When Roberta, Peter and Phyllis's father is taken away and they move to a tiny cottage in the countryside, the only advantage is the nearby railway.


I think this book is one of my favourite book. The mains Characters are Roberta, Phillys and Peter. Roberta is very sensitive, attentive and nice. She is also the oldest and the most grown up. She always want to help, if someone said no she wouldn’t say something and her short name is Bobbie. Peter he is very kind sometimes but when he is too nice he like to be horid. He is always with his sisters and when there is a boy he want to de with him. He always has some good ideas for things very important but he hasn’t got any idea for little things. Phillys is a little bit clumsy. She always argue with Bobbie but sometimes she crowed with Peter.

Mademoiselle Boadicea Racoon 20.07.2018


Anonymous 05.01.2018

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