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Thimble Monkey Superstar

Jon Blake

Thimble Monkey Superstar


  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after
  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun
  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

4 out 5

13 reviews

Life is never boring now that Jams and his family have a monkey to look after. Jams and his mum love Thimble, but Dad is determined to get rid of him - to a zoo, a school, even a demolition site. But when Jams and his dad are in mortal danger, Thimble proves once and for all why he is a Monkey Superstar! Thimble is very clever and very naughty - and just the best friend Jams has been waiting for. Illustrated by Martin Chatterton



I like the monkey being cheekey

Dame Heroica Bungalow 05.02.2023


I really enjoyed the book. I liked how Thimble was cheeky and got up to mischief.

Anonymous 11.01.2023


This was the best book because a ginger cat decided that James’ dad’s head was part of its territory and marked it. This was so funny.

Corporal Dragon Vesuvius 02.09.2021


I like Thimble , he is really smart. the dad is really funny and dump I would recommend it to age 9-10 peoples

King Race-car Bottlenose 18.08.2021


Ver exciting

Anonymous 22.05.2021


It was really funny and I like that the monkey was getting up to all sorts mischievous adventures and dad kept trying to get rid of him , but wanted to keep him in the end .

King Pudsey Vampire 05.06.2020


I found this book very funny but upseting for Thimble the monkey.

Anonymous 21.08.2017


A great book can't Waite for the next book

Anonymous 10.08.2017


This book was really intresting and funny

Anonymous 04.08.2017


fun,active and really imaginative

Anonymous 23.07.2017


I liked the book it was a fantastic story and I liked the monkey because it was funny and made me laugh.

Anonymous 03.07.2017


A boy called James looks after his neighbours pet hamster which turns out to be a monkey! I did like it and my favourite part is when the monkey sits in the Dad's chair and the yoga. I would recommend this book - it's funny. In one word: funny!

Anonymous 16.06.2017

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