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Letter to Pluto

Lou Treleaven, Lou Treleaven, ,

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Jon’s teacher wants to keep the art of letter writing alive and starts an interstellar penpal programme. Jon is not impressed, especially as his penpal Straxi is from Pluto, the most boring, smelliest and far away place in the whole solar system. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she is a girl! A hilarious story of friendship, annoying teachers, planet saving and of course letter writing.


This book isn't a story but it is a conversation with letters from a boy named Jon who lives on Earth and a girl named Straxi who lives on Pluto. Jon's teacher encourages their class to have pen pals living on other planets. What surprises Jon is that his penpal is a girl! But there's no need to worry for that. Planet Pluto is dying! If only Jon and Straxi could save Pluto... The main characters of the book are- Jon, Straxi and Mrs Hall (Jon's teacher). It was a good book and I think the children in my age would like it as it would be suitable for them. My favourite character was Straxi as she was a good penpal, a good friend and because she was intelligent. It is a funny, thoughtful and short book which i think you could read within four hours. I would like to recommend this book to all the children who are between 7-10 years.

Nurse Sapphire Waltzer 09.01.2020

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

Good book, it is nice. The basic theme is about a boy from earth named Jon from earth is sending letters to a girl named Straxi who is from pluto. You get to see what they wrote in the letters. The thing I liked was I got a taste of how to write a letter. I also liked the ending, good teamwork.

Anonymous 04.12.2019

I enjoyed reading this book. I never knew there was a fruit called vomblefruit! I liked the fact that they save Pluto. My favourite person is Straxi, because she draws wonderful pictures. I like the illustrations by Lou Treleaven. Pluto is a great planet, maybe one day I can visit too! I would also love a penpal from Pluto.

Senorita Aspidistra Moonbeam 08.11.2019

Great book of choice

Superintendent Aardvark Pawprint 03.09.2019

Letter to Pluto is a very funny book about a boy called Jon Fisher who is assigned a penpal from Pluto! This book is full his letters to Straxi, the penpal, and her letters back to him. It also has a story though. Straxi sends Jon a disgusting Vomblefruit and his mum keeps it in her greenhouse. Shortly afterwards, the President of Pluto kills all the stinky Vomblefruit trees to attract more visitors. But then life on Pluto starts to die! The only way to save it is to send back the Vomblefruit and make history!

Mademoiselle Harmonica Skateboard 03.09.2019

I absolutely loved this book it is all written in letters which is what I LOVE!! Recommend this book for ages 7-14. I bit about A Letter to Pluto: A class of children at a school all have a pen pall and they have different countries\towns to write to. I hope this helped and I hope people choose this book to read!

Officer Candyfloss Pipistrel 22.08.2019

This was really good. I read it because of this really funny thing that happened. So my and my sister saw something about a Lou Treleaven coming to the library. We went but we were the only ones there. The book was by her so we took one each and read it. It was really good.

Superintendent Poseidon Toothpaste 07.08.2019

I absolutely love this book and I read it all in 24 hours.Do you think two kids are going to save Pluto if not read this 128 paged book

Fairy Morgana Paperclip 06.08.2019

I enjoyed reading the letters. It was an interesting book

Sir River Waterfall 02.08.2019

I thought it was ok but not the best book I’ve read

Mademoiselle Esmerelda Satellite 01.08.2019

I loved it. It was very interesting. I would recommend it to people who like reading letters and postcards. I thought Straxi's letters were funny.

Fairy Daffodil Quest 01.08.2019

It was about 2 friends sending letters to each other from Earth to Pluto. I liked Straxi the best because she gives interesting facts about Pluto and it makes me want to visit there. I would recommend this book because you can pretend you could really live there

Anonymous 31.07.2019

i enjoyed this book as it was written in a different style to other as it was in letters. it was quite good. 3/5

Princess June Glitterball 30.07.2019

I found this book kind of weird because there was only a story line between letters which was hard to follow sort of. Please tell me what actually happened in the book.

Viscountess Pixie Gravy 30.07.2019

My favourite character is the boy on earth. He is kind because he gave the girl on Pluto his feather pen. I would recommend this book to children learning about letter writing.

Anonymous 29.07.2019

The best thing about this book was that the whole book had loads of letters and only letters.

Judge Agnetha Piano-key 26.07.2019

It was a good book, with lots of description and it was written in a different way to most books because it’s written like a letter. And I recommend you read this since it is quite funny.

Queen Nectarine Sparrow 21.07.2019

I like this book because a boy writes to a girl on Pluto and then they talk. Also the girl sends vomblefruit to him which is discusting. Then Pluto gets rid of vomblefruit but the animals are sad. The boy sends his vomblefruit to her and then they let it grow. The vomblefruit grows and then they become famous. The boy goes to have a free ticket to Pluto

Anonymous 31.08.2017

I really liked your book do you do any other books. I walked around town with my mum and best friend my face was stuck in that book for the whole day.

Anonymous 15.08.2017

Because it is written in a different way and i really like it like that. lou treleaven do you do any other books?

Anonymous 14.08.2017

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