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Mine Mine Mine! Said The Porcupine

Alex English, Emma Levey

Average rating

4 out 5


Because this book tells you , how sharing is fun

Anonymous 22.11.2017

It shows the need to share the things with friends and not to be greedy.

Anonymous 18.11.2017

A porcupine took all of Alfie's toys.

Anonymous 08.11.2017

because it is very excited

Anonymous 28.09.2017

new vocabulary you have to share your toys with your friends.

Anonymous 26.09.2017

Because the porcupine took all the toys and the boy went in kaboo land.

Anonymous 12.09.2017

It's about a boy that meets a porcupine And they play games but the porcupine is saying that's mine so the boy whent to his own imaginary land the the porcupine says can I play please the boy says yes and the porcupine stops being greedy

Anonymous 12.08.2017

Lovely tale and great hidden message of sharing in the book as well as imagination uses

Anonymous 09.08.2017

I think someone else should read this book because it is funny and great to read aloud and listen to.

Anonymous 04.08.2017

I liked how the porcupine learned not to say Mine! And grab things. Alfie was nice and wanted to share.

Anonymous 29.07.2017

Because they make great friends!

Anonymous 25.07.2017

a nice story about sharing which we enjoyed and would read again

Anonymous 18.07.2017

I rated it a five because it was a very good book for children to learn how to share. It would also be very good to put in a library or to gat read at home by parents because it would maybe be a bit difficult for someone like the age of five and under to read. It is a fun way to learn how to share if you have just started school or are starting school. I read it as an 11 year old but I thought it was brilliant.

Anonymous 11.07.2017

I like this book because it shows you that you need to share.

Anonymous 04.07.2017

This book is about a porcupine who clearly and fully does not like to share his things and also other peoples' things too.

Anonymous 01.07.2017

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