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Cool Cat versus Top Dog: Who will win in the ultimate pet quest?

Mike Yamada

Average rating

4 out 5

Cats, cars and capers aplenty in this dynamic story book from celebrated new talent Mike Yamada.


It was good because they both wanted to win, but then someone else took over the lead and then they stuck their two cars together and they both won the trophy.

Superintendent Sandwich Hoverboard 30.07.2019

this was good they made friends in the end and won the race together

Marshal Pug Wellington 13.08.2018

Fiction. I like that the dog & the cat are ride to each other. I would recommend.

Anonymous 30.07.2018

I enjoyed reading the book because it was all about racing.Ifelt it was a sports day in my school.I did not like Cool Cat and Top Dog playing tricks on each other to win a race.The worst part was "Pooper Shooter" Yacks!OOOVacks!!! I learnt from the story that when we work as a team we can win each and every game.It was a lovely story.

Anonymous 21.12.2017

The story tells us how cool cat and top dog wins the race which they had almost lost. It has colorful pictures.

Anonymous 25.11.2017

Other children should read this book because , they will find many interesting hiding places, and they will find interesting names of the pets, and cool techniques.

Anonymous 12.11.2017

I like the pets competitiveness in the race and eventually how they worked together to win the prize!! amazing read!

Anonymous 04.11.2017


Anonymous 04.09.2017

Its exciting because they go on a race and you don't know whos going to win

Anonymous 20.08.2017

I like this book because its about fighting, laugh and being together.

Anonymous 18.08.2017

It was about a race

Anonymous 03.08.2017

it was cool

Anonymous 02.08.2017

good. fitted the summer reading challenge 2017

Anonymous 28.07.2017

I liked thus as the animals had lots of fun.

Anonymous 22.07.2017

It was ok

Anonymous 08.07.2017

Cool cat and Top Dog do great team work in the story

Anonymous 04.07.2017

This book is a imaginary story

Anonymous 30.06.2017

It is funny for children because the cool cat and the top dog fight because cool cat wanted to win.

Anonymous 14.06.2017

This book is about Cool cat and top dog who are in a car race to see who wins. They really don't like each other. Cool cat always cheats. But when there cats go smash they build one together . when they get to know each other they love each other. They cross the line t... find out what happens in the book. I recommend it for age 4 to 7.

Anonymous 22.05.2017

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