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Puppy Academy: Pip and the Paw of Friendship

Gill Lewis, Sarah Horne

Puppy Academy: Pip and the Paw of Friendship


  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

Average rating

5 out 5

60 reviews

Pip is training to be a helper for a young girl in a wheelchair. He's very excited about meeting her - but will she like him back? And can he ever learn to stop chasing every ball in sight?



cute and a delight to read

Princess Jewel Anteater 06.03.2021


it was funny when they went to the basketball as pip climbed up the tree to shoot the goal.

Countess Candyfloss Sudoku 01.09.2020


Pip was supposed to be a guide dog for people in wheelchairs and she tried and tried but couldn't do it. She ended up doing what she wanted after she kept trying and trying. It made me think that you should never give up and always persevere.

Lord Rip Godzilla 31.08.2020


I liked it because Kayla was friendly. My favourite character was Pip because he was kind. I would recommend it to someone else.

Commander Dobbin Teacup 07.08.2020


My favourite bit was when Pip got to be an assistance dog for Kayla

General Tulip Bumblebee 23.07.2020


It is very good because pip realy wants to be a asisstance dog but he has to give up pawball . Then he makes a friend called Kayla and is now her asisstance dog .

Director Rapunzel Haystack 20.07.2020


It was good and I liked the dogs. Pip was funny and I really enjoyed the book.

Officer Bunny Chocolate-mousse 28.08.2019


I really like dogs and want one myself, so this was a fab book. Humorous and excellent, I give this book 4 stars.

Principal Candyfloss Cuckoo-Clock 23.08.2019


This is a fictional story about a pup named Pip he wants to be a guide dog but fails the resistance test. He is great at paw ball and shot a winning goal in a match. Finally, he finds a girl, who wants him to be her guide dog. I would recommend this book to people who love animal fantasy.

Madam Fifi Bungalow 30.07.2019


I thought it was brilliant. This fiction book is fascinating with all the characters. My favourite character was pip. I would recommend it to people who love dogs.

Dona Tuesday Waterfall 24.07.2019


It was really fun and I finished it in two days

Dame Petunia Bojangles 01.09.2018


This was OK wouldn't read again

Judge Wanda Piano-key 05.08.2018


this book was quite an easy book to read not to long as well. My favourite character was probably Colonel Custard because he gave Pip opportunities to get better. This book was fiction and i would recommend it to a kid around 9 years old. But overall this book was good and i enjoyed reading the story.

Fairy Angora Banana 01.08.2018


This book is a lovely book.Pip the puppy has always wanted to help humans.At the end of the story Pip's dream of becoming a guide dog comes true and gets to look after a little girl called Kayla.I am sure you will love this book!

Officer Hopscotch Gormenghast 28.07.2018


It was a fiction book about pip which was my favorite character but didn't find this very interesting

Anonymous 21.07.2018


this is a really good book

Anonymous 03.12.2017


I LOVE it, it is the best book in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 30.10.2017


I love this book!! Its so amazing a dog who plays paw ball, EPIC!! In the end Pip and Kayla get on well and Colonel Custard gives him the Paw Of Friendship, you should so read this!!!!!!!:):):)

Anonymous 19.09.2017


This book is about a dog school and a dog called Pip that wants to be a helping hand dog and get a paw of frendship badge but does everything go right...

Anonymous 12.09.2017


I think other children should read this book because it's all about friendship.

Anonymous 31.08.2017