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Ballet Shoes

Noel Streatfeild

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5 out 5

Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil are sisters - with a difference. All three were adopted as babies by Great Uncle Matthew, an eccentric and rich explorer who then disappeared, leaving them in the care of his niece Sylvia. The girls grow up in comfort until their money begins to run out and nobody can find Great Uncle Matthew.


I love ballet, so this book is definietly for me. The beautiful language, different characters and lovely ambitions made me feel both sad and angry, as well as excited and happy. I recommend this book to older children who like dancing, like me. And I LOVE dancing!

Officer Sunny Yo-yo 17.10.2018

I really enjoyed ballet shoes because it based on 3 people's hopes and dreams. They weren't related but they were brought together and they put their heads together and that's what i really liked about it. I would recommend it to children aged 9-12

Baroness Pinky Starlight 25.08.2018

Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild is an amazing book with a very touching sense. My favourite character is Pauline Fossil because she is very considerate ans is very talented

Senorita Tuesday Peanut-butter 14.08.2018

This book is AMAZING and I have really enjoyed it.

Madam July Supermarket 25.07.2018

I would recommend this to people who like dance

Coach Kangaroo Shortbread 17.07.2018

All the sisters are very different

Anonymous 01.09.2017

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