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Werewolf Club Rules!: and other poems

Joseph Coelho


  • Poetry - rhyme, rhythm and rap

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4 out 5

Find out the mysterious rules of Werewolf Club, how to look like a rainbow, what happens when puppies fall in love - and how to fold up your gran! This is an exciting debut poetry collection from a young poet who is already performing his work successfully at venues across the UK.


It was fiction

Baroness Harmonica Cuckoo-Clock 15.08.2019

I think other children should read these poems because the poems are funny and I laughed alot!!!!

Anonymous 07.08.2017

Not so funny. But poems are really good. Why only 3- because I dont like such kind of books. ;)

Anonymous 02.12.2016

Mummy had to help me read this book but I enjoyed it a lot!

Anonymous 27.07.2016

If you like poems you should read this book as it has very interesting poems.

Anonymous 10.07.2016

50 FUNNY POEMS ALL IN ONE PLACE. Im gonna try using some of the excuses in the poem - School tomorrow excuses for mum, so I don't have to go back to school after the summer :)

Anonymous 06.07.2016

Read this book if you like poems.🎓

Anonymous 02.09.2015

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