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Evil Emperor Penguin

Laura Ellen Anderson


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Who knew evil could be this lovable? Evil Emperor Penguin has one wish - to take over the world!


Eugene again he is super is so funny

Viscountess Agnetha Palm-tree 31.08.2020

I thought that Evil Emperor Penguin was a very good book and very funny. Evil Emperor Penguin was the main character. He is helped by Eugene, his minion, and number 8 the squid. My favourite character was Mr Penguin because he is funny, he kept trying to evil but failed every time. In this book we also meet Evil Emperor Penguins' sister who comes in and messes with one of his machines and it releases funny gas and unicorns! We also meet Dr Cat, and evil cat who wants to be better than the penguin at taking over the world. I would definitely recommend it to other people.

Doctor Arthur Peninsula 04.08.2020

This book is too funny! I'm now reading the next one :o)

Judge Aardvark Postage-Stamp 28.07.2020

My favourite character is Eugene because I find it funny that he is scared of jelly babies.

Fairy Nectarine Arlington 14.07.2020

My favourite character was Eugene because he is so cute and he likes unicorns and narwhales

Doctor Candyfloss Mouse 15.06.2020

My favourite character was Eugene.

Doctor Fidget Rubber-duck 15.06.2020

The evil penguin make a huge robot to freeze people.

General Candyfloss Pinkerton 07.06.2020

Some parts are so funny, they make me giggle out loud.

Captain Pluto Pendragon 22.08.2018

If this book was real I would like lovely cuddly EUGENE the best and I would recommend this book to anyone who is funny and is sometimes not all that agreeable to reading. I like (adored) this because it is so funny.

Countess Venus Waterfall 02.08.2018

There is this guy called Evil emperor penguin and he wants to take over the world so he made load's and load's of machines but all of them didn't work so he wasn't able to conquer the world. There is an evil cat that captured Eugene and used him to conquer the world, but he wasn't able to do that either and Eugene got back by a unicorn. Its really funny and I would recommend it to anyone that is really cool.

Earl Pluto Waterfall 17.07.2018

It was a funny and silly sort of book. My favourite character was Eugene the abominable snowman clone because he's funny and really cute. I also like Keith the unicorn that was released along with 37 other unicorns when Eugene hit the big red evil button while playing baseball with John, one of the other abominable snowman clones that worked for EEP

Professor Portobello Hammersmith 09.07.2018

It was very funny and I really enjoyed it because it's like most of the books I like in the style of a comic book.

Anonymous 02.10.2017

Fab book lots of fun

Anonymous 21.08.2017

I liked it when evil emperor penguin used a fart machine to try and take over the world, but then it blew up and evil emperor pengiun went running.

Anonymous 04.08.2017

Evil emperor penguin is a very funny comic. My favorite character is the very cute abomanle snowman clone named Eugene. Enyone who likes comics will love this comic. I love the evil button that shoots out unicorns. There are multiple different stories in the book which are reall funny.

Anonymous 02.08.2017


Anonymous 30.07.2017

This book was really funny. I loved it!

Anonymous 28.07.2017

It's a comic book and every child love comic book

Anonymous 24.07.2017

Really funny- I enjoyed it.

Anonymous 20.07.2017

so funny with suspense and something to laugh about in each chapter

Anonymous 10.01.2017