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Adam Stower



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Oliver and his best friend Troll run a café in the woods. They make the BEST cakes - their troll customers would much rather eat cakes than children! One particularly busy day in the café, Oliver's sister Dolly disappears, so Oliver and Troll set off to find her. Their search takes them up Munch Mountain, where the biggest, meanest and grumpiest troll in the world lives. Oliver doesn't believe all the scary rumours, but Troll's not so sure . . .



I thought the blue monster would be grumbug so I had a big surprise when it wasn't him

Judge July Glitterball 16.08.2022


It was nice story about a trolls, cafe and cakes.

Viscount Jazzy Armchair 01.09.2021


It was quite funny at the end how Grumbug shared a whole piece of cake with another monster.

Viscountess Rapunzel Possum 01.09.2021


I like this book

Prince Chesney Moonbeam 08.08.2021


This book is about trolls how likes to eat cakes made by Oliver but when he lost his sister he wasn’t afraid to go to look for her on the Munch Mountain where the biggest, meanest, grumpiest and greenest troll leaved

General Flash Windchime 05.08.2021


I like that the other trolls and scared of him. We change the Dolly to my brothers name instead

Anonymous 15.08.2020


The grumbug was massive- a good adventure

Inspector Race-car Bojangles 11.08.2019


Very good. My favourite bit was when they ran down the mountain.

Earl Horatio Sparrow 05.08.2019


It was awesome. Grumbug is so big and green and he can drink a river dry!

Anonymous 11.08.2017


This book is very funny and when Dolly gets lost they make a giant cake for the Grumbug when they find her.

Anonymous 03.08.2017


Grumbug was a bit funny. He ate a big cake and said Yum at the end of the book.

Anonymous 31.07.2017

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