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Pugs of the Frozen North

Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills
  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

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5 out 5

And they're off! Who will win the Race to the Top of the World? Helga Hammerfest and her polar bears; bounder and cheat Sir Basil-Dumpling; Shackleton Jones with his robot-powered sled? But wait! What's this? Two kids riding a sled pulled by 66 pugs wearing jumpers?! The underdogs are coming!


I'm loving this book's sadness and happiness all in 1 book. Just as good as the others

Officer Harmonica Buffalo 24.01.2020

it was a brilliant read, about a boy, Shen, a girl, Sika, and their sixty six pugs. True winter comes once in a lifetime, and Sika has heard many stories of them from her grandfather, when Shen's boat is trapped in the ice of the true winter, his captain abandons him with the sixty six pugs on the ice but he finds the village where Sika lives with her mother and grandfather. When true winter comes there is a race to the top of the world where the Snowfather lives and will grant the first person to the icicle palace's hearts desire, but who will win? i cant say anymore, but read it i recommend it for anyone. it is funny, sweet and adventureouse.

Countess Candyfloss Postage-Stamp 05.01.2020

It was very funny and I really enjoyed this book , there were Sea monsters , hungry yetis , and to be pricise 266 pugs.It starts off as pugs on a ship and Captain Jeggings thinking she could sell the pugs. Shen loves the pugs and needs to save them from the flooding ship. Captain Jeggings jumps overboard and then Shen realises that... the dog food is still on board!!!Just that moment the ship collapses and Shen shivered because it was freezing and is shivering in fear. I recommend this book to ages 8+ because it is a very hard book to read.

Anonymous 03.01.2020

I liked it because it was funny and I also like pugs. I would recommend it because its a good book

Fairy Pixie Birdbath 03.01.2020

it was good but kind of boring to be completely honest I like all of the sixty od pugs and glad she had a wish of her granddad meeting the ice king just before he died

Principal June Moonbeam 03.01.2020

I think it’s a good book because I thought that the pugs were so cute. It’s a fiction book about 66 pugs pulling a sleigh all the way to the North Pole and met a Kraken, Yetis and Snow Trolls. I would recommend this book to someone who likes pugs.

Corporal Cello Gooseberry 28.12.2019

My favourite character was sika because she was really determined. It is a really lovely book it had good description and lovely pictures!I would recommend it to my sister i think she would really enjoy it. It interested me because the trolls and the yetis were really scary but it was interesting to know what happened next!!!!

Judge Candyfloss Cuckoo-Clock 28.12.2019

Funny and cute.

Anonymous 27.12.2019

The best book I've read in ages!!! I liked the pugs the best I recommend for all ages the pictures are amazing as well

Anonymous 24.12.2019

I liked the pugs the best because they are so funny! I would recommend it to one of my friends because the illustrations are so cute and the text is so funny!

Baroness Gloriana Hoverboard 22.12.2019

This is a fiction text. It was an amazing read because True Winter was an amazing thing to read about. I didn't think they would make it because of all the terrible things that happened along the way. It was a very exciting book to read. I really like Shen and Sika and the Snowfather because they showed such kindness and bravery.

Corporal Dobbin Bumblebee 19.12.2019

I loved this book. Sika was my favourite character because she was so brave. I loved the pugs, they are my favourite breed of dog. I would recommend this book.

Anonymous 18.12.2019

this book was I say my Favourite book ever! I loved the way Shen was so kind to 66 pugs and then he met Sika and later they enter a race but they all won! well except sir basil but I say its funny goofy a bit sad and the best book ever!

Marshal Binky Ketchup 14.12.2019

It is a fiction. I liked the pugs best because they were cute. I think it is not factual because there were yetis,monsters and trolls. My worst person was Sir Basil because he cheated on the race to the top of the world. I would LOVE to recommend it to my friends.

Dona Boadicea Bungalow 10.12.2019

it is a good book

Nurse Mars Sparrow 02.12.2019

If you like aventure,fantasy,winter and of course PUGS. the book was so good

Lord Portobello Moonbeam 07.09.2019

It was an Adventurous, funny book!

Officer Bernice Vegas 02.09.2019

An excellent book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes fun and adventure. This army of pugs goes through many dangers of yetis, the Kraken and some thin pieces of ice. But thanks to them and their friends they manage to get to the snow father have their own wish. Apart from Sir Basil.

Superintendent Sketch Borchester-Smythe 22.08.2019


Earl Pluto Supermarket 18.08.2019

very funny and now matter how small you can do it

Professor Harmonica Volcano 07.08.2019

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