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Cakes in Space

Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills
  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

5 out 5

Astra's ship is in trouble. There's something very sinister lurking in the canteen. A cakey monstrosity on the war path. And then there's the Poglites - a space salvage crew who have invaded the ship in their quest for spoonage! Astra and her robot friend Pilbeam are the only things standing in the way of the ship's destruction


Wow I loved the exitement of it

Fairy Iguana Sherbet 03.09.2019

it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 21.08.2019

Amazing! Superb!

Professor Bijou Mystery 20.08.2019


Earl Pluto Supermarket 18.08.2019

i dont think i brethed much whil reading this book . it was a big thrila

Captain Flopsy Racoon 15.08.2019

it was really funny because the cakes were eating every thing they saw

Madam Honeycomb Legend 06.08.2019

Really enjoyed this book my favourite character was pilbot. I would recommend this to my friends

Professor Quicksand Waltzer 17.07.2019

great fiction story, with sci-fi aspects. this author was introduced to me by my younger sibling who previously studied "pugs of the frozen north" at school. Would recommend for ages 7+

Constable Poseidon Ketchup 18.08.2018

I like this book because its funny and has nice but slightly weird pictures. I recommend this book to people who like funny books and a crazy imagination.

Countess Fandango Satellite 02.08.2018

I would recommend this book ! I have really enjoyed this book !

Countess Phoenix Gravy 01.08.2018

I really like it beacaus is funny and intresting

Anonymous 20.09.2017

They should read this book because it's really imaginative and it's quite funny.

Anonymous 11.09.2017

I think other people should read this book just because it's a nice book to read

Anonymous 03.09.2017

Using the non o trom Astra asks for the ultimate cake but it makes them come alive!

Anonymous 02.09.2017

Fun funny and exciting fantasy really enjoyed I didn't know cakes could be so vicious

Coach July Bumblebee 26.08.2017

I think this book is very good because Astra saved the ship from some cakes which were trying to eat people. I enjoyed this book!

Anonymous 18.08.2017

This book is cool and I love it because it creates a picture in my mind. So it has really good description

Anonymous 18.08.2017


Anonymous 13.08.2017

Astra is travelling to Nova Mundi with her mum and dad.

Anonymous 12.08.2017

I could not stop reading it. You can really make your imagination go wild and you can pitcher the seen. And can be for any age.

Anonymous 02.08.2017

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