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Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things)

Liz Pichon


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

5 out 5

""Exciting News! Mr Fullerman announces that class 5F are going on an 'Activity Break'! Which should be fun. As long as I don't get stuck in a group with anyone who snores or worse still with . . . . . . Marcus Meldrew.""


Really good book!

Dame Petunia Dangerous 13.10.2018

very very good

Judge Pudsey Moonlight 26.09.2018

Absolutely love these books!

Duchess Bijou Sofa 20.09.2018

A funny book and if you’re a bit forgetful, you’ll be able to relate to the main character.

Mademoiselle Hopscotch Foxtail 16.09.2018

Amazingly good

Inspector Virgil Unicycle 08.09.2018

loved it

Fairy Phoenix Toothpaste 05.09.2018

I recommend. I love Tom Gates and this one is soo good. :]

Principal Agnetha Hoverboard 02.09.2018

Really good.

Earl Rapper Ketchup 24.08.2018

I love this book because it is funny and the pictures are great.

Farmer Friday Astronomical 23.08.2018

so good

Commander Adolpho Bojangles 17.08.2018

All of liz's books are amazing, i would totally recommend all of them!

Marshal Raccoon Paddington 16.08.2018

Tom Gates is my favourite character because he's funny. This time he went on an activity camp. I would definitely recommend it.

Professor Muscles Racoon 13.08.2018


Lady Hopscotch Skateboard 12.08.2018

It was a funny book and my favourite person was Tom Gates

Anonymous 09.08.2018

Great book I would definately reccomend it

Senor Pluto Sausage-Roll 09.08.2018

I love this book. It is a great series however you should read the ones before this one to understand it better. Great book!

Nurse Iguana Elephant 06.08.2018

This is very funny

Officer Daffodil Spaceship 02.08.2018

I loved this book because it was funny

Principal Sapphire Eragon 02.08.2018

Tom gates books are the best! I could go on but I must hurry so I’ll make it short: BEST BOOK EVER IS TOM GATES

Marshal Rapunzel Piano-key 30.07.2018

This book was alright because it was funny.

Viscount Sandwich Submarine 29.07.2018

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