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Journey to Jo'burg

Beverley Naidoo

Average rating

4 out 5


I really enjoyed this book because I taught me about apartheid laws in South Africa.Even though this book followed the journey of two fictional characters, I still found elements of factual information within the story.

Dame Fifi Bumblebee 02.09.2019

This book is fiction.I liked the mother because she is kind and friendly.It interested me because when the two kids walking they were walking on their own.I would recommend this book to someone because all the people in the story are really kind.

Marshal Aphrodite Chipperfield 31.08.2018

I thought the book was fantastic. It started a bit sadly but it ended happily. I liked a girl called Naledi because she kept on going. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Marshal Arthur Mittens 28.07.2018

Interesting and very sad to read about apartheid. Good for boys and girls over nine.

Anonymous 13.08.2017

ok and very heartwarming!!!

Anonymous 17.07.2016

it is one of my absolute favourite stories. It has an astonishing storyline. some people can relate to it. to be honest, when i read it, i didn't want to put it down!!!!! it also made me cry!!!

Anonymous 02.09.2015

a really good book, read it at school, just liked it so much, wanted to read it again

Anonymous 24.06.2014

This book is really inspiring because it shows the life of a little baby which is sick and her brother and sister have to travel all the way to Johannesburg from a land which is far far away. They experience a lot of things on the way.

Anonymous 23.06.2014

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