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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

J.K. Rowling


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The chamber of secrets is the second book in a series of seven. Many children, teenagers and adults adore this book, and is a best seller. It is set in Hogwarts, the wizarding school. Harry Potter, the main character, hears disembodied voices and soon attacks start happening. To add to it all, not everything is as it seems...... The Harry Potter books are all magical, and all spectacularly written . It has perfect names for everything, and the description can be well read. The problem I found with it was that I got bored with the slight lack of action, and when it got to the main fight, there was a lot of explanation and the action lasted only a while. Apart from the cons, I think it was a great read, and I highly recommend for children of all ages, but if you don't fancy magic and spells and a tad bit of horror, you might not like it. PMM

Anonymous 12.05.2018

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Anonymous 22.03.2018

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I thought this book was really great because I like that Harry ran away in a fantasy flying car by his best friend Ron Weasley. This story is fiction and my favourite character was Ron’s mum because at Hogwarts his mum got a letter by Owl post which said their car crashed in a tree so Ron was sent a howler (a red letter which makes you say normal words angrily) by his mum and I found that very funny. This book was interesting because Harry got his fathers invisibility cloak on Christmas by a random person. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes magic and wizardry because that’s what the story is all about.

Anonymous 22.05.2020

This book is about Harry having the worst birthday when and Ron coming to his house in a flying magical car to his own house. Than they were back to Hogwarts for their second year when children suddenly turn into stone.

Anonymous 22.05.2020

I like reading the Harry Potter books.

Chief Slip Desperado 18.05.2020

I enjoyed this book very much, at times it was very dramatic and I fellt like I couldn't put the book down. I would definitely recommend it to someone else. My favourite character is Hermione Granger because she is quite similar to me (though obviously I don't have magic) I wish I could have magic sometimes.

Countess June Sunshine 01.05.2020


Sir Jazzy Glitterball 01.05.2020

Really great book !

Constable Snoopy Sunshine 27.03.2020

I like it because Jake.King Rowling added lots of detail to make it more interesting and is describing how brave Harry is so he is also telling us how brave he is.

Senor Pudsey Scratchings 04.03.2020

it was greaT.

Queen Hopscotch Gravy 03.03.2020

I loved the giant and fierce snake.

King Virgil Gooseberry 20.02.2020

It fun

Professor Birthday-cake Partridge 17.02.2020

It is a fantastic book. The book is with mysteries and secrets

Anonymous 11.02.2020

It was great, fantastic read. One of J.K rowling's best

Lady Mildred Racoon 03.02.2020

I am speechless

Captain Nectarine Luther 02.02.2020

This book was exciting and was mysterious. It's a lot better than the film, and had me on every page. The only reason I gave it 4/5 is because it's not as good as the first one. My favourite character is Dobby because he saved Harry's life at the end of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes magic and mysteries. It can get a bit scary at points, though it is nothing to frightful!

Sir Hercules Paddington 26.01.2020


Pilot Stinky Chocolate-mousse 21.01.2020

Really enjoyed

Anonymous 11.01.2020

I really liked this book and my favourite character was Hermione Granger. I also liked Harry himself because he killed the Basilisk. I would recommend this to J.K.Rowling's fans.

Captain Wanda Racoon 11.01.2020

I liked this book as it explained who the characters are. It showed the life of a boy in a different way from a normal life. I think most of my friends have read this book already if they haven't they really need to give it a try.

Lady Magnolia Bumblebee 05.01.2020

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