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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

J.K. Rowling


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery

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The chamber of secrets is the second book in a series of seven. Many children, teenagers and adults adore this book, and is a best seller. It is set in Hogwarts, the wizarding school. Harry Potter, the main character, hears disembodied voices and soon attacks start happening. To add to it all, not everything is as it seems...... The Harry Potter books are all magical, and all spectacularly written . It has perfect names for everything, and the description can be well read. The problem I found with it was that I got bored with the slight lack of action, and when it got to the main fight, there was a lot of explanation and the action lasted only a while. Apart from the cons, I think it was a great read, and I highly recommend for children of all ages, but if you don't fancy magic and spells and a tad bit of horror, you might not like it. PMM

Anonymous 12.05.2018

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Anonymous 22.03.2018

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

It was cool.

Anonymous 06.12.2019

I thought it was exciting I liked when Harry spoke snake I liked Harry the most because i liked it when he kills the humungous snake I would recommend it to someone else

Count Adolpho Bucket 02.12.2019

I liked Harry Potter best because he fakes his death with Voldemort

Anonymous 29.10.2019

very intresting and adventrous .

Officer Agnetha Satellite 22.10.2019

I liked Hagrid I would definetly recommend it

Queen Petunia Unicycle 20.10.2019

Can't express my feelings great book as good as the first one!

King Adolpho Skateboard 15.09.2019

Filch's cat has a funny name , Mrs Norris!

Officer Cynthia Bubble-wrap 12.09.2019

Great book

Captain Cupcake Sparrow 02.09.2019

It’s magical

Superintendent Aardvark Vegas 02.09.2019

Very Intresting

Master Virgil Ridiculous 31.08.2019

My favorite character was Ron because he's funny.

Lady Harmonica Owl 30.08.2019

This book is part of a great series. My favourite person is lock heart he is a bit of a ego head and that,s the best part of his person. and they,s a bit of a plot twist to him.

Professor Trigger Bungalow 30.08.2019

i think this book was amazing! i love it! my favourite character is Harry. I would totes recommend this book! 10/10

King Viktor Ridiculous 22.08.2019

Brilliant do recommend

Officer Harmonica Rollerskate 22.08.2019

I am the biggest Harry potter can ever! Ofc I loved this book!

Dona Birthday-cake Bonsai 22.08.2019

I love Harry potter so I really want to read it!

Captain Amazonia Haystack 21.08.2019

I loved it

Anonymous 18.08.2019

I would reccomend this book because it is about thrill, friend ship, and adventure

Dona Candyfloss Flattery 18.08.2019

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