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Troll and the Oliver

Adam Stower

Troll and the Oliver


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4 out 5

11 reviews

Every day, Oliver goes to the shops and every day Troll tries to eat him. But Troll finds catching an Oliver is very tricky - he's too fast, too sneaky and too plain clever! It is only when it looks like Troll has given up and Oliver celebrates winning that... CHOMP! He gets eaten! Unfortunately for Troll, but fortunately for olivers everywhere, olivers don't taste very nice. So he spits him out and discovers that this Oliver is an excellent baker - and ALL trolls love cakes!



Oliver because he is very sneaky. because I have read a lot of that authors books

Anonymous 19.01.2024


River enjoyed this book.

Anonymous 02.09.2020


This was an exciting book with a great twist. I will make sure I tell any Olivers I meet to carry a cake...just in case

Superintendent Tyler Pineapple 16.08.2018


This book was funny with lots of very funny pictures. The Oliver sang lots of silly rhymes and the ending was surprising. I like troll because he likes cakes just like me.

Marshal Ariel Sudoku 27.10.2017


I liked this book because it was really funny because Oliver was in his pants in the snow!

Anonymous 31.08.2017


It was fun

Anonymous 03.08.2017


I really enjoyed this week - it's so funny that the troll spends all his time trying to catch Oliver but when he finally does he realises how bad he tastes!

Anonymous 24.07.2016


It's a funny book about a troll and a little boy who he can't ever seem to catch.

Anonymous 02.09.2014


Because its really funny and Oliver and the troll are really kind at the end

Anonymous 28.08.2014


You should read it because there is a twist at the end

Anonymous 18.08.2014


I like this book because Oliver is very tricky.

Anonymous 14.08.2014

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