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Boa's Bad Birthday

Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross

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4 out 5

It was Boa's birthday. It was going to be the best one ever. Or so he hoped. He invited his friends round. They would all bring him wonderful presents. Or would they? 'A dream team of writer and illustrator!' The Times


Good book

Anonymous 16.02.2019


Anonymous 13.03.2018

Boa was excited on his birthday just like me but it was not as good as he thought it would be.Each time his friend would come with a gift,he found it was of no use. The smallest gift was most useful.

Anonymous 26.12.2017

This book shows how to be grateful and happy for whatever we have...

Anonymous 28.11.2017

Boa's pictures are cute. Boa got good birthday gifts.

Anonymous 25.11.2017

There is a moral. We should not be rude with our friends even when they give useless gifts on our Birthday

Anonymous 18.11.2017

Because, this books tells ,you should be nice to others when they give you a book, and you should not underestimate any present by their appearance.

Anonymous 13.11.2017

My fevorite book

Anonymous 27.10.2017

My fivoret story

Anonymous 27.10.2017

I learned when I give a gift to someone I'll give to him something useful .

Anonymous 27.10.2017

Fun to read aloud birthday story

Anonymous 29.09.2017

To learn , say thank you when someone get the present

Anonymous 28.09.2017

It was funny!

Anonymous 19.09.2017

I felt sad for the Boa

Anonymous 09.09.2017

It was good because boa got a good present in the end

Anonymous 02.09.2017

the end is nice and funny.

Anonymous 01.09.2017

I thought it was unusual.

Anonymous 24.08.2017

its about a snake who didn't like his birthday presents..and at the end he got a ball of mud as a gift...at first he thought it wasn't good..but there was actually a seed inside it.and it turned out being the best present..

Anonymous 23.08.2017

It was fun trying to guess what the gifts were and it made me think about being grateful!

Anonymous 22.08.2017

I like how it turned out to be the best present for boa!

Anonymous 16.08.2017

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