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Naughty Kitty

Adam Stower

Average rating

4 out 5


i think it was really good because at first I felt really sad for the kitten because the tiger was making the mess and the girl thought it was kitty. I still felt sad for the kitten at the end because the girl never found out it was the tiger.

Lord Cello Bucket 31.07.2019

Was a good bedtime story

Anonymous 20.07.2018

Its so great funny story abouth tiger and little kitty :)

Anonymous 18.01.2018

Because Naughty Kitty is NOT naughty, it's just a tiger that's naughty!

Anonymous 09.09.2017

It was good because the little girl thought the kitten was good and scared the the dog away.

Anonymous 28.08.2017

This is like my cat

Anonymous 15.08.2017

He liked it when the kitty saved lilly from the dog. Even though it was the tiger.

Anonymous 14.08.2017

Really cute kitty she was getting blamed on for everything! Bit it was a tiger!Poor kitty not Naughty Kitty.

Anonymous 22.07.2017

I liked that the kitty was very naughty, like me!

Anonymous 17.08.2016

You should read this because Lily thinks that her kitten is being naughty bit it is actually a tiger the whole time and there is a zoo in their back garden! It's funny because only the kitten can see it and not Lily.

Anonymous 03.08.2016

Its a good story about the kitten who wasn't so naughty after all

Anonymous 03.08.2015

love the book. its quite clever how the story starts and ends. it is an easy book to remember and tell overs what the story's about.

Anonymous 24.06.2014

because it was funny

Anonymous 24.06.2014

its great

Anonymous 24.06.2014

because the girl thought the kitty made the mess.

Anonymous 24.06.2014

Because its really good and they could look on the page and try and find the tiger.

Anonymous 23.06.2014

they did not know there was a tiger in the house

Anonymous 23.06.2014

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