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Animal Agents FAQs

Here are some answers to questions you might have about Animal Agents, the Summer Reading Challenge 2017.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, check the general help page. If you’re still stuck, get in touch!

How do I take part in Animal Agents?

Ask your parent or carer to check to see if your local library is running the Summer Reading Challenge. Then go along to the library and join up; they’ll help you if you don’t already have a library card.

Can I complete Animal Agents through the Summer Reading Challenge website?

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place in libraries, so you’ll need to join at the library to take part and collect rewards for your reading. You can use this website to keep track of the library books you’ve read, write reviews, play games and lots more!

Where do I put my Animal Agents stickers?

The stickers you get at the library for reading books on the Summer Reading Challenge go with your Animal Agents detective folder. The sticker sheets are colour coded and match the three crime scenes inside your folder. They also have numbers on them to help you stick them in the right place.

Stickers with a green outline go in the first scene, Writing on the Wall.

Stickers with a purple outline go in the second scene, Cafe Crime.

Stickers with an orange outline go in the third scene, Caught Red Handed.

You can put the stickers anywhere you like in the scene. Each sticker has a bit of the scene background printed on it that suggests where you might like to stick it.

There are nine stickers to collect in total. Ask your library how to collect them all – you might get one at a time or a whole sheet at once depending on the library you go to.

Once you have collected all your stickers, you will solve the mystery and you and the Animal Agents will know which of the four suspects has been causing mischief at the library!

My stickers have codes printed on them. How do I use the codes?

You can use your sticker codes right here on the Animal Agents website. You will need to sign up for a profile first. When you are logged in, go to your profile page. You will see a button that says ‘Badges & codes’ – click on this button.

On the Badges & codes page there is a box where you can type in the codes from your stickers.

Enter a sticker code to unlock something new for your Special badges box!


You don’t need to enter the online codes to solve the mystery in the library – the stickers will help you solve the puzzle!
The codes are a fun way to collect special Animal Agents detective badges for your online profile.

Why don’t I show up on the Title Thief leaderboard? I got a high score

For your score to show on the leaderboard for Title Thief, you need to be logged in to your online profile before you play the game. This tells the game who is playing so your username will show up if you get a high score!

How many books do I have to read to get a sticker?
How many times do I have to visit the library to collect my stickers?

The aim of the Summer Reading Challenge is to read at least six library books, but it’s also up to your local library service to decide how to give out the stickers. The best thing to do is ask at your local library as they will be able to let you know how many stickers you will get for each book or library visit.


Do I have to read books from the Animal Agents list? Do I have to read books about animals?

No, you can read any book you like as long as it’s borrowed from the library.

The Animal Agents list is a good place to start if you’re stuck for something to read (Part 1 | Part 2).
All the books on it have been chosen by children just like you.
Check out our blog for tips on finding books to read for the Summer Reading Challenge.


When does Animal Agents finish?
What is the last day I can collect my rewards?
When will I receive my certificate?

Each library service chooses their own finish date, so the deadline will vary depending on where you are taking part. Ask your local library when the Challenge ends in your area.

They will also be able to tell you whether they are giving out completion certificates at the library or at school, and when you can expect to receive yours.

Some libraries give out medals as well as certificates. Ask at your local library if you are not sure how to collect your rewards.

Please note: each library authority manages their Summer Reading Challenge and rewards independently. If your query relates to outstanding reward items please contact your local library in the first instance.