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The first winner of our summer Finish the Story competitions

The first winner of our summer Finish the Story competitions

Congratulations to Inspector Pongo Toothpaste, who has won the first of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge Finish the Story competitions!

Here’s the start of the story, written by Mackenzie Crook, followed by the Inspector’s amazing ending:

The miserabum idiooms hide thembods in tunneltubes what they’ve duggened and scraped out good with their clawy fingrils.

Long, screely passageworms all this-and-that-way, going shoom off over nowhere and then suddenly backways so that I’m startwards again.

Stop then. Breath slow and slow, not to let the angry out.
I’m more clevery than these ignowinces.
I’ll find them sure in almost now-time. So let’s go.

Carefullyfull, tipple toe, stealthing minimally, I remember myself which ways is right ways… But hang! What’s this?

Drat say it they’ve proper kelped me again and I’m standed stood slapbang at the beginagog!

The miserable idiots hide themselves in tunnel tubes which they’d dug and scraped out impressively with their claw-like fingers.

Long, scary passageways twisting left and right, going nowhere and then suddenly backwards and I’d end up back at the start.

Stop then. Breath nice and slow. Don’t let anger pour out. I’m cleverer then these nincompoops. I’ll find them sure as sunshine. Let’s go then.

Careful, tiptoe, stealth, I remember my left from my right… But hang on! What’s this?

Drats! They say they’ve helped me only for me to realise I am back at the beginning!

Idiots! Do they even use their minds? Probably not.


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