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Book review: The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

Book review: The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club is an exciting new adventure story that’s perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket and Northern Lights.

Here to tell us all about the book is Erin, 11, from Essex

Erin’s favourite hobbies are dancing, drawing, and watching Harry Potter.
Her favourite book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.

Here’s a snippet of the book:

It sounded like a respectable and worthy enough death for an explorer – tumbling from an ice bridge to be impaled upon a mammoth tusk – but Stella really, really didn’t want that to happen, just the same…

Join Stella Starflake Pearl and her three fellow explorers as they trek across the snowy Icelands and come face-to-face with frost fairies, snow queens, outlaw hideouts, unicorns, pygmy dinosaurs and carnivorous cabbages . . .

When Stella and three other junior explorers get separated from their expedition can they cross the frozen wilderness and live to tell the tale?

And here’s what Erin thought of it…

I really enjoyed the book. I liked the different characters within the book and their different personalities.

Stella is a kind and smart girl who has learnt many things from Felix; Beanie, is a talented doctor who is funny, especially when he doesn’t quite get sarcasm and takes everything literally. Shay is an intelligent boy who lovingly cares for the wolves and Ethan is a magician in progress who acts tougher than he really is.

As well as the (excellent) characters I also liked the many great adventures they went on and how they thought of ways to get out of the problems they got into, by using the knowledge they were gifted from their parents.

There was nothing I wanted to change about the book; however I would like it if there was a sequel!

Thanks Erin!

Keep an eye out for The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club this autumn

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