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Summer Reading Challenge 2020

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Meet the Mischief Makers #1: Dennis

Meet the Mischief Makers #1: Dennis image

Get to know the Mischief Makers, the top team on the hunt for hidden treasure!
Join these Beanotown buddies at your library for a summer of reading fun, and you can become a Mischief Maker too


Meet Dennis, Beanotown’s reigning king of mischief and mayhem!

He hardly needs an introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway and hope we don’t end up getting pranked…

Dennis loves having fun with his friends, including his trusty pet pooch Gnasher. You might catch a glimpse of him skateboarding around town in search of a new adventure (look for the stripes and spiky hair!), or hear him rocking out with his band, Dennis and the Dinmakers.

Hanging out with Dennis is never dull – join him at the library for the Summer Reading Challenge and find out for yourself (just don’t tell Walter!)