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Dream Adventures: Saving Arborica and the Incredibly Powerful Gem

Dream Adventures: Saving Arborica and the Incredibly Powerful Gem

We’ve reached the end of our winning Dream Adventures – and what an amazing collection of stories we’ve had!

If you’ve missed out on previous instalments, check out the News page to catch up on the full range of terrific tales.

Now it’s over to Marshal Angel Quarantine and Queen Peaches Mouse to regale us with their dream adventures…

My dream adventure would be to travel to another dimension, called Arborica, in a tree’s branches.

Arborica would be a place where all of the trees come to life and are able to move around. I would get to know the Silver Birch Tree in my garden and read lots of books in The Knowledge Archive.

War is brewing in Arborica, though. Woodpeckers are drawing in closer and the trees’ only hope is to make one final stand or risk extinction. I would help the trees to win and save their species.

Afterwards there would be a big party and all the trees would go along, even me! Medals would be awarded, made out of amber tree sap, and the buffet would be a variety of eggs that were found in the trees branches and then boiled.

No time would pass whilst I was gone and I would be free to go back whenever I wanted!

- by Marshal Angel Quarantine, aka Daisy from Tittensor

My dream adventure is me just having a normal stroll in the park, when I notice an unusual gem on the floor. Curiosity getting the better of me, I pick it up and examine it. It is like an opal, brightly coloured and shiny. It is as round as a pebble. I hold it to my eye, mesmerized by its beauty.

I jump in surprise, when I look through this mysterious, precious jewel, it gives me the power to see everything in the world, the nooks and crannies in the wall, the gaps between the floorboards, the life of the worms below where humans can tread.

Fantasizing about the maybe endless possibilities this wonder could do, I hold it to my ear. I can now hear every secret of the world. I could hear the elephants talking in their lowest voice so humans couldn’t hear them. I could hear the faint plodding of caterpillars on their leaves. I could even hear the swirling of wind around the top of Mount Everest.

The last thing I had to try, which I was sure wasn’t going to work, was holding it to my heart. I muttered under my breath “Take me home.” And in one split second, I was back home on my bed. “Tea time Darcie!” I heard my mum shout. I got up and ambled down the stairs, excited what I would discover next…..

- by Queen Peaches Mouse, aka Darcie from Abergavenny

Well done to our winners!

If you’re in the creative writing zone, why not send one of your stories in to the Wicked Young Writers Awards?

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