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Dream Adventures: Chocolate World, Storytelling Princesses and a Spectacular Show

Dream Adventures: Chocolate World, Storytelling Princesses and a Spectacular Show

Three cheers for our next trio of Dream Adventure competition winners, Don Hank O’Doughnut, Princess Iggy Mouse and Marshal Viper Quest

Read on to discover what their dream adventures would be…

I would travel in a hot air balloon and travel really far to chocolate world. I’d eat all the chocolate until I was ready to pop. I’d have chocolate milkshakes and play and dance with the chocolate minions.

- by Don Hank O’Doughnut, aka Josh from Bristol

My dream adventure would be to go to a castle that has dragons outside, and that me and 6 princess live in it and read stories to everybody in town.

- by Princess Iggy Mouse, aka Maisey from Tonbridge

Lush green branches pinging back sharply in my face as I trek through the Amazon undergrowth. I hear a rustle of leaves coming from behind me. Slowly, I turn around.

Petrifying, yellow eyes stare at me, unblinking and silent. I shudder with fear. What could I do? You can’t outrun a jaguar for sure- that would be foolish.

Quietly, I edged away, but the glowing eyes followed me like a magnet. Then it started tiptoeing forward. Forward to me. BAM! I tripped over a tree root. But this jaguar seemed friendly! As I gradually retained my balance, it lowered it’s back, clearly wanting me to climb on.

Taking a deep breath, I hoisted myself on it’s back, knowing I’d made a huge mistake. As it shot up in the air, I felt sick yet excited. Wait- how did it get up in the air?

“Where would you like to go?” He growled under his breath. Speaking? A jaguar? I wanted to ask it what it was, but suddenly I slid dangerously forward as it sprouted feathery wings.

“I am a Jagucorn.” It replied simply, as if reading my thoughts. Fast as a bullet, it zoomed forward. I was speechless. The world looked amazing from up here!

While I was taking all this in, the ‘Jagucorn’ had made it’s way over to a deserted stage, a theatre. I have always wanted to be a gymnast on stage, but…

“Here now.” It said, as I gently jumped off. I looked around. No one for miles.

Meanwhile, the Jagucorn had padded over to the other side and was blowing a golden, ancient-looking horn. As if attracted to the sound, people just appeared in the red velvet seats. The Jagucorn gave me a look that said Time to Give Them a Show.

Those were the best few hours of my life! Wobbling on tightropes, swinging on trapeze upside-down, doing cartwheels on the Jagucorn’s back whilst flying and loads of other tricks that I could never do before!

I did tricks all through the night, while the sky turned pitch-black with tiny pinpricks of light, through the beautiful fading sunrise with pink, orange and milky blue and all the way to midday with the bright sun.

And I hadn’t even realized what I was wearing until I bowed and looked down. It was a shiny, sparkly, emerald leotard with white leggings! My favourite gym clothes!

It was the best day ever until Jagucorn flew me all the way back to England. When I woke-up I thought it was a dream, but when I saw the horn tucked under my pillow, I knew it was all real.

- by Marshal Viper Quest , aka Jemimah from Oxford

Way to go everyone!

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