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Dream Adventures: Whizz-Popping in Space, a Lion Named Lenard and a Surprise for the Famous Five

Dream Adventures: Whizz-Popping in Space, a Lion Named Lenard and a Surprise for the Famous Five

Mademoiselle Rose Luther, Judge Dragon Tinkle and Dona Pinky Archway are the storytelling wizards behind today’s Dream Adventures!

Over to our competition winners and their terrific tales…

My dream adventure is to go into space with Sophie from the BFG, to find out if the whizz poppers you get from drinking frobscottle would make you fly downwards, instead of up!
We could take the fizzy lifting drinks from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too and see if they make you go downwards when there is no gravity.

- by Judge Dragon Tinkle, aka Finlay from York

My biggest adventure would be…

I would be an explorer searching to the deepest, darkest most blood chilling parts of the jungle. Suddenly, I am at a dead end – it’s pitch black except from the fiery glaze of my torch. Immediately, I realize that no one can see me, nor hear me. I could feel a tear slip down my cheek, nothing could save me now…
All of a sudden Crash! I hear trees crashing down, and then hear a mighty ROAR!! A lion – not only is it dark and the perilous lion could pounce on me any second – I had zero chance of escape!

Without Warning, a gloomy figure appeared in front of me I held my torch closer and then I could see a mane as orange as the sunset, fur smooth as as a book cover, eyes as black as coal and teeth, teeth gleaming in the light of the torch.
As I was waiting for the lion to pounce it surprisingly spoke: “Why are you afraid?” Then… I fainted.

I woke up to a tropical island, animals of all kinds swimming in the sea, or relaxing on the sand. I was puzzled, nothing made sense to me at all.
Then, I took in my surroundings, and I was standing on a balcony with a drink in my hand and the lion was standing right next to me, “W-who are you?” I asked timidly.
“I am Lenard the ruler of all the animals who are vulnerable in the human world.”
“Aren’t you going to eat me?”
“No” he began,“I’m vegetarian”,
“You must be wondering what you are doing here, well as you may know, every single person has a different version of themselves in a parallel universe – that version of you died and that version of you plays a very special guitar that helps the animals go to sleep.”

I just stood there flabbergasted but somehow I manged to believe it. I took a look around the area: gorgeous, exquisite, elegant and any other word I could think of. It was night time and every one was in their beds but everyone was talking.Loudly.
A baby snow leopard tugged at my dress, she told me that she couldn’t go to to sleep, a voice inside me told me to go and get the guitar, I grab the guitar and play a gentle piece by the time I had finished everyone was snoring softly.

Then I realized my place was right here.

- by Mademoiselle Rose Luther, aka Ellen from Manchester

“Ginger beer or lemonade?” Dick asked.
“Both!” said Julian, “it has to last us the whole day, remember!”
“Yes,and we’re rather a thirsty lot!” added Anne, grinning. She turned back to her sandwiches and rolls.“Do you think we shall meet anyone?” asked Anne.
“No, unless your idea of anyone is cattle!”said Dick.
“I rather think we should take our bicycles,” said Julian, “we’ve got rather a lot to carry!”

“I totally agree with you,” I said, “we’re in for a heavy ride!”
“Who are you!” asked George angrily, “We didn’t invite you!”
“Don’t be like that George! We have to talk to our new acquaintance nicely!” Anne turned to me.

“Hallo, I’m Anne! How do you do and how did you come to be in our kitchen?”
“Well, it’s a long story. I was just reading your new book Five Meet Someone New and I suddenly found myself here!”

“We’re in a book? Here, you’re pulling my leg!” said Julian.
“I’m not, you really are in a book! Well, a series of books.”
“A series of books!” shrieked Anne. “You really are pulling my leg!”
“I’m not, it really is true!”
“Are we on the television?” asked Dick.
“Yes, there’s a TV series about you!”
“Really? Yippee, I always knew the time would come!”

Only George stayed quiet. " If we’re in a book, prove it." she announced after long silent contemplation. “Oh, but I will!” I said and pulled my dog-eared copy of Five on Treasure Island.

“It really is true!” she shrieked when she saw it. “We really are famous!”

“Who’s it by? asked Julian eagerly.
“Enid Blyton” I answered.
“She must be the nice writer lady we met by the lake the other day!”said Anne. “You really must come on our picnic today, and I’m sure we’ll find an adventure once again!”

- by Dona Pinky Archway, aka Agne from Aberdeen

Well done to our super story-tellers!

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