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Creative activities from the British Library

The British Library’s free website – Discovering Children’s Books – is brimming with inspiration. Dive in now and explore our cool creative activities.


Story soundtrack

Create a weird and wonderful soundtrack to a story, using everyday objects from around your home. 


Image © Shelagh McCarthy

Create a pop-up theatre book 

Imagine you're eagerly sitting in the audience of a glamorous theatre. When the curtains are pulled back, who do you want to see on stage? 

Image © Allen Fatimaharan

Step inside your story

Create a concertina book and star in your own story, with top tips from brilliant authors and illustrators including Zanib Mian, S F Said, Jane Porter and Allen Fatimaharan.

Image © Salvatore Rubbino

What makes a hero super?

Pow! Whaam! Swoosh! Kazoom! Make your own superhero, inspired by your favourite books or the real-life heroes you know. Share your creations on Twitter, tagging @BL_Learning

Image © Viviane Schwarz

Printable activity pack: Once Upon an Adventure

Print out our activity pack and embark on an adventure with Little Red Riding Hood, the cheeky Wolf and your own wild imagination!

Make a lift-the-flap card

What's inside your treasure chest? Who's behind the door? Learn how to make a simple pop-up card. Lift the flap and something else is revealed!

Make a miniature book

What’s the smallest book you can think of? Who would you read it with? Explore some of the amazing mini books from our collection and learn how to make your own!

Viviane Schwarz: How to develop a character

Create your own crazy characters with tips from writer and illustrator, Viviane Schwarz.

Viviane Schwarz: Find out more about your character

You know what your characters look like. Now find out who they are. Do they have a favourite food? What are they afraid of?

Viviane Schwarz: making a story

Once you’ve got your characters, get started on your story.

Image © Woodrow Phoenix

Create your own comic strips

Follow Woodrow Phoenix’s brilliant guide to making your very own comic strips.

Image © Axel Scheffler

Axel Scheffler: How to draw a Gruffalo

Discover the secret of how to draw your own Gruffalo. We’ll give you a hint… start with the horns!

Poetry prompts

Get inspired by 10 brilliant ideas from poet Joseph Coelho. Will you write a rhyme about a cheese sandwich or a wacky limerick?


We’d love to see your creations.

Share them with us on Twitter, using the hashtag #DiscoveringChildrensBooks and tag @BL_Learning. Or email [email protected].

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