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Animal Agents: Case Closed!

All summer long you read books, collected clues, and finally solved the case of what went down at the library. Read on to see how your Summer Reading Challenge collector folder should look after collecting all the Animal Agents stickers…


This page shows all the stickers that were available to collect as part of Animal Agents, the Summer Reading Challenge 2017. If you haven’t solved the mystery yet, look away now!


Writing on the Wall

Cool dude Cory was late to Bernice’s line up, but this turned out to be a red herring…


Café Crime

Speaking of fish, over in the library café, the catch of the day went missing!
Slide the snake arrived to help investigate with his magnifying glass – in which direction is it pointing? Did you wonder why Mrs Atkins’ knitting bag was a clue?


Caught red-handed

Bart’s sniffed out the source of the trouble – the cat’s out of the bag!
Mrs Atkins had a cheeky cat companion hidden away in her precious knitting bag. Can you spy the splash of red paint on this groovy granny’s hands?

Mrs Atkins and her crafty cat pinched a fish from the library café and painted on the library wall. Luckily you were there to help the Animal Agents nab the dastardly duo before they could get up to any more mischief. Excellent work, detectives!


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