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For parents and carers

We wanted to create a page just for parents and carers where you can find information about your child taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge and using this website.

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

Every year, thousands of families all over the country take part in the UK’s biggest reading event for children in libraries, the Summer Reading Challenge, run by the charity The Reading Agency.

Every year there’s a different theme. The aim of the challenge is to get children to read six books from their library during the summer holidays.

Enrolling your child

The Summer Reading Challenge is aimed at children aged four to eleven. It is run in very nearly all libraries in the UK and it is completely free.

Go to your local library during the summer holidays – the sooner you go the longer your child will have to read six books. Staff will enrol your child and give them some fun materials to get them started on the Challenge.

You can go to any UK library running the Summer Reading Challenge and you don’t have to keep going to the same library. So if you are on holiday in the UK your child should still be able to keep up with the Challenge.

The Summer Reading Challenge website

The Summer Reading Challenge website allows your child to log the books they have read during the summer – and beyond. They can also find new books to read, recommended by other children, take part in competitions and play games.

Your child’s safety

Your child’s online safety is paramount to us.

When children register, we ask them to give us an email address; this is never passed on to third parties. We use this email address to enable children who have forgotten their username and/or password to access the site again. For children who enter a competition, we will use it to thank them for taking part, and let them know if they have won a prize.

We encourage children to send us messages to tell us how they’re getting on with the Summer Reading Challenge. All messages sent to us go directly to our moderator, and nothing is displayed on the site that breaks the rules of our strict code of conduct.

Children cannot message each other independently – they can only send messages via our website (and through our moderator).

When children register on our site, they are given a fun username and can select an avatar. When they visit the site they log-in using this username and their chosen password. We never use children’s real names or allow messages with real names to be posted on our site. Similarly any personal information such as addresses and phone numbers are never displayed. Messages containing any personal information will be blocked or edited by our moderators.

If you have any other questions regarding safety and your child on the Summer Reading Challenge website, please email us direct: summerreadingchallenge@readingagency.org.uk

Find out what is happening throughout the summer and in other parts of the country

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Donating to help more children take part

It only costs £3 for The Reading Agency and libraries to provide the Summer Reading Challenge free of charge to three children. If your child enjoys taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge, then please help us bring the joy of reading and the fun of the Challenge to even more children. Please donate £3 to help us reach another three children. You can donate £3 by texting READ to 70080 or by visiting www.justgiving.com/SummerReadingChallenge.*

  • Text Costs £3.00 plus network charge. The Reading Agency receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payers permission. Customer care 08448479800. Charity No 1085443.