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Entering our competitions is a great way to practise your reading and writing, get creative and win lovely prizes from your favourite authors!

Check out the latest opportunities below…

Mackenzie Crook

Mystical Maze by Mackenzie Crook

Poor Mackenzie's gotten a bit stuck with his story. Why not help him out?

Cathy Cassidy

Don’t Believe the Fairy Tale by Cathy Cassidy

Enter our fourth Finish the Story competition for a chance to collaborate with Cathy Cassidy and win some lovely prizes...

Eoin Colfer

Sybelle by Eoin Colfer

Could you be the next Eoin Colfer? Give the man himself a run for his money with our latest Finish the Story competition!

Sarah McIntyre

The Medusa Malarky by Sarah McIntyre

This year’s Mythical Maze illustrator, Sarah McIntyre, has created a special comic strip for our Finish the Story competition.

Rick Riordan

A Quest from Apollo by Rick Riordan

Enter summer 2014's very first Finish the Story competition!