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Ali Sparkes

A message from our featured author, Ali Sparkes:

YES! 2013! The year that put the SUMMER back into Summer Reading Challenge! Because let’s be honest, 2012 and 2011 were more like the The Garden’s A Chocolate Blancmange Reading Challenge. So soggy I nearly got footrot.

So this year’s Creepy House Summer Reading Challenge had to be even more special to compete with all the barbecues and sports events and beach days. Although there’s nothing to say you can’t do ANY of those without a cracking book off the SRC list in your hand (careful, though – I DID nearly nearly serve someone Andy Mulligan’s Ribblestrop slightly charred with onions).

Anyway. The SRC people said do us a blog – Q&A stuff. You know the thing. So I made this video, answering some of the weirder questions people sent me on Facebook. Feel free to ask me some more and I’ll answer ’em as soon as I can… The weirder the better!