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Win the Would You Rather... series!

The Would You Rather… books are full of funny hobbies and things that all sorts of animals could do, from dinosaurs to dogs and more!

Would you rather…

…picnic with a rat, grab a snack with a snake, nibble with a guinea pig or peck with a hen?

…have teeth like a T-rex, a face like a triceratops, a neck like a mamenchisaurus or armour like an ankylosaurus?

…dine with a dung beetle, drink with a mosquito, have supper with a spider or lunch with a maggot?

The Would You Rather…books are stuffed full of fantastic facts and funny situations – and you could win the whole series!


How to Enter

For your chance to win all the books in this hilarious series, draw an animal of your choice doing a funny hobby!

CLICK HERE to download the Would You Rather competition sheet

Go wild – be as creative and silly as you like! Don’t forget to describe what your animal is up to

You could draw a giraffe riding a bicycle, or a parrot knitting a jumper, or panda baking a cake – the choice is yours!

Send us your entry for your chance to win:

  • You can send us your completed competition sheet by using the ‘Submit an image’ options at the bottom of this page. Make sure you’re logged in to your profile first!
  • Or you can send it by email
  • Or by post – see the competition sheet for details

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

  • Competition is open to UK and Eire residents only, and entrants must be aged 12 years or under. The judges’ decision is final.