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Frank Lampard

Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

In the back garden, Frankie was teaching his dog new tricks with his magic football. Max could almost balance it on his snout. Frankie chipped it to him, but the ball bounced off Max’s head, straight towards the fishpond.
‘No!’ cried Frankie.
He waited for the splash, but it never came.
Peering into the pond, he gasped. The water had gone! In its place was a slide of swirling colour, spiralling downwards.
‘Shall we see what’s down there, Max?’ asked Frankie.
Max barked and wagged his tail.
‘I guess that’s a yes!’ said Frankie.
Together, they leapt into the unknown.

How to enter

Read the 100-word openers of each story and then pick the one you’d like to finish. You can make it fast and funny. Or maybe sad and dreamy. It’s your story so it’s entirely up to you.

Write your story and submit it to us by 1 September 2013. Our panel of experts will read the entries and winners will be announced from 30 September 2013 onwards.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your can write up to 500 words to finish the story.
  • The closing date for the competition is 1 September 2013.
  • Winning stories will be available on this website from 30 September. Stories may also be published elsewhere.
  • Competition is open to UK and Eire residents only, and entrants must be aged 12 years or under. The judges’ decision is final.